The “African Transportation Professional Networking Group” is made up of transport professionals from the academic, business, and government sector with a commitment to proffer solutions to critical challenges facing transportation.

Mission of the group

The goal of the group is to organise transportation professional conferences such as “International Conference on Transportation in Africa (ICTA)” from country to country within Africa annually to provide a platform for experts and scholars to exchange ideas with each other, and also share the development and products in the field of transportation.

It is apparent from the above that there is a generally perceived link between the state of development of a country and the extent of technology usage and availability of technical information in that country. It follows, therefore, that technology transfer, both within and outside a country to boost technology usage, is necessary for that country’s development. In other words, the extent and efficiency of a country’s technology transfer system could reveal the extent of that country’s development.


Globalization and rapidly evolving technologies are driving profound changes in the role of transportation in our society. Through research studies, publications on various disciplines, we continue to provide authoritative and non partisan policy advice to decision makers in government, academia and the private sector. Although research in transportation is integral to our societies, there are persistent challenges to the vitality of this sector. Funding for scientific research is increasingly uncertain and in my view this calls for trans-disciplinary and trans-sector research collaboration in order to ensure that fundamental advances are made in the areas of focus for continuity and sustainability of transportation in Africa.

Despite the challenges facing the transport sector, there are many promising avenues to strengthen this sector. New models of cooperation among academia, industry and government can better enable transport experts to meet the formidable challenges ahead. The world is increasingly faced with complex problems that require the adoption of innovative researches and approaches that will bring about lasting and sustainable solutions. For instance, the challenges facing communities from climate change, to providing adequate transport for the world’s growing population are immense, urgent and intimately connected. With proper coordination, transport experts are poised to help solve problems at this level of complexity and importance.

Redesigning dated organizational structures and cultural attitudes within and across the sectors could dramatically accelerate the development of new approaches. I believe we now have the critical mass in academia, government and the private sector to achieve this. To attain global stature and tackle critical societal challenges in transport sector will depend on how we nurture the research and publication ecosystem.


Everyone in any way connected with transportation is invited. This professional networking group will be of particular interest to funding agencies, national government authorities, parastatals, policy and decision makers, academics, researchers, students and professionals active in the planning, construction, maintenance, logistics, operation and safety of passenger and freight transport, road traffic, rail, maritime and aviation. End-users will also find the group of interest.
Coordinator – African Transportation Professional Networking Group (AFTRaP)